Beyonce unveils world’s most talked-about twins

The one thing the Carters are particularly known for is privacy.

Despite the heat of the spotlight, they have managed to keep their private life just as they want it – private.

Ever since Beyonce and Jay-Z were reported to have welcomed their twins, the world has been yearning for a glimpse of the new offsprings of music royalty.

Today, Beyonce sated that yearn.

Though they were born prematurely and had to undergo treatment for jaundice, the twins apparently turned out fine as the ‘Formation’ singer has now unveiled them via her Instagram page.

The twins, ‘Sir Carter and Rumi,’ according to the caption, are “one month today”, Friday, July 14.

The new mother of two in February announced she was pregnant with twins.

The pictures of her cradling her protruding tummy, among others, broke the internet and went on to become the most liked posts on Instagram.

Sir Carter and Rumi’s picture may yet break that record.


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