That Nigeria is not a nation is a fact which can only be disputed by a man with a very confused and lopsided understanding of the term ‘Nation’ or one who lies for a living.

What happened in 1914 was a monumental mistake of a historic proportion.

The amalgamation of the North and Southern part of Nigeria by the British thugs was SOLELY for economic and administrative convenience. Nothing more. The compatibility, security and welbeing of the people being forced into this demonic union was never taken into consideration because it’s beyond argument that the hausa/fulani Arewa Muslim North has ABSOLUTELY nothing in common with the mainly Christian South.

What Britain did with the North and South in 1914 was like a man who goes to the market to buy Jackals, Hyenas, lions and tigers on one hand and goats, cows and horses on the other hand but in order to take those animals home without spending extra money buying two cage for them and paying extra transport fare for the spaces those two cages will occupy, he decides to put those animals all in the same cage.

Here, even Ikenga, my 2 day old son, can effortlessly tell that for this man, all that matters to him is anything but the safety of those animals.

The first group of animals are carnivores, which means they feed on other animals. And they do this in the most vicious manner by disallowing their victims the dignity of death before devouring them. This does not make those animals bad. It is simply their natural way of feeding. And paradoxically funny enough, the second group of animals which feeds on herbs (herbivores) is the same animals the first group (Carnivores) feed on.

This man (Britain) is not unaware of this fact. But he knew that no matter how much the Carnivores try, they cannot eat all the herbivores in that cage. Some will still remain alive till he gets home, seeing as the animals there are so many. And because the safety of those animals are the least of his worries, he goes ahead to put them all in the same Cage.


This is not really the problem. The biggest problem here is that number-less years after this moral tragedy took place and at a time when this “Mr Jones” has technically handed over the management of this Animal Farm to the “Jackals and Hyenas”, some ‘privileged’ members of the Herbivorous animals who happen to have managed to fix themselves as servants in the kitchen and dinning rooms where these Carnivores feed on their fellow herbivores, are now in the forefront of peddling a very misleading narrative that there is a way this Animal Kingdom can be Re-structured in such a way that both the flesh-eating Jackals, Hyenas and Tigers can co-habit with those naturally easy-going herb-eating goats, cows and horses.

How many street demonstration or rallies have these privileged Herbivores organized to publicly let these Carnivores know that they are serious about re-organising the entire structure of this Animal world??

Have they itemized in clear practical terms, a time-bound route to the kind of Restructuring they want??

Do they even have a clear understanding of the kind of restructuring that will restrict the “Jackals and Hyenas” to a distinct habitat where they can only devour themselves whenever their vampiric spirit become enraged at the news of the drawing of some cartoon in another planet, while the goats, cows and horses will be minding their own grass-eating business in their own habitat even if they will still remain in the same Animal Kingdom??

How do these privileged Herbivores intend to get their masters, the Carnivores, to drop their natural setting of using their fellow animals to quench hunger???? How do they even plan to get those Carnivores to allow for the re-arrangement of this Animal planet?


They have refused to tell anyone. All they do is mouth off Re-structuring as though it was some new addition to the vocabulary in the Zee World.

Meanwhile, criminally funny enough, these same few privileged Herbivores and some misguided “weaker animals” from every section of the Animal Farm are very angry and full of rage. But here is the shocker:

Their rage is not directed at the “Jackals and Hyenas” monopolizing the entire resources of the animal kingdom and even feeding on those animals and still opposing any form of re-arrangement of the animal kingdom. Their hate-induced anger is directed at a section of the Herbivorous animals from a part of the animal world who are agitating for a total separation from the “Jackals and Hyenas”. Even the peaceful call for a referendum being championed by these aggrieved Herbivores has been devilishly twisted and misinterpreted as a call for war by these dishonest satanic-minded lots.

As it is, the head of this Carnivores has been confirmed too sick to even lead himself. And his fellow “Jackals and Hyenas” have sworn to let themselves be consumed by worm before allowing a herbivorous animal who is the deputy to this medically incapacitated “lion king” take over.

But even in the face of all these grave injustices, some of these privileged misguided herbivores still think their herbivorous brethren who are agitating for a separate state far removed from this cannibalistic jungle, are the problem.

To address the grievances of these secessionist herbivores, they offer no alternative.
They offer no assurances.

All they are armed with are empty rhetorics laced with arrogance with some element of blackmail.

This, right here, is the singular biggest irony of the tragedy of the sham that is Nigeria.

Here, we have children and adults who have lied to themselves for far too long that they have now come to accept their lies as though they were the gospel truth.

And how can a man seek the truth if he is yet oblivious of the fact that that which he know as the truth is no truth at all??

Indeed, it is far easier to fool a man than to convince him that he’s been fooled. I would say I find Nigeria criminally funny in a criminal kind of manner except I would only be stating the obvious.

It is indeed a very sad day when elders sit back and allow the she-goat suffer the pains of paturition in tethers.

It grieves me beyond word that Britain had to play Russian roulette with our lives in this bestial manner but it grieves me even more that years after we’ve all realised this to be one of the worst mistakes in world history, we are yet to collectively correct this grave error.


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