They call it Centre of Excellence. That is Lagos State. Where the mercurial Ambode is building on the ‘never-seen-before’ legacies of the maverick Fashola.

But if you want to know the quality of the roads of this so-called reference for other states, just wait till the peak of raining season between June and July. I am not even talking of old roads. But those constructed even in January. Rains have a way of exposing the “great quality” of these roads.

You want to know why this is so? Oh…relax.

Just go to the state Ministry of Works and Infrastructure and check the cost at which these roads were awarded and the quality of job done.

In case you don’t know, it is not a mistake that Lagos State does NOT announce the cost of its projects. It is a deliberate policy since the days of its senior prefect, Tinubu. You See projects but you don’t know the cost to tax payers.

Oh…I love Lagos State; the only state where corruption has a different meaning from that of Abuja.

Thanks for the raining season. It has a way of giving us the idea of the quality of roads vis-a-vis the rumoured costs…



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