Memory Lane. By Charles Ogbu

It grieves me beyond word that exactly one year after I wrote the piece below, nothing has changed.

The most tedious task in the whole wide world remains rescuing a slave who is not even aware of the fact that he’s in slavery.

It is such a crying shame, really.

“Slavery was never abolished. At least, not in Nigeria. It was merely repackaged in such a way that even the slaves no longer realize he is still a slave. And how can a slave fight for his freedom when he doesn’t even know he is in bondage??

When the British thugs left Nigeria, they handed over the baton of colonization to the hausa/fulanis to continue from where they stopped. We in the south have never been free in the real sense of the word. Folks, what happened in 1960 was a Micky Mouse Independence (apologies to the south African born god of Reggae, Lucky Dube)

They told us that some northern states are “educationally disadvantaged” and as such, deserve a special consideration by having a very low cut off mark for admission into federal unity colleges. Now ask yourselves, what the hell is the meaning of “educationally disadvantaged”? Is it that while southerners were going to schools, these northerners were busy picking palm kernels in the bush or there were no schools in the north? How exactly did they become “educationally disadvantaged”?

But because they are the masters and weren’t exactly asking for our permission, they succeeded with their plan. Today, a lad in Yobe state need to score only ‘2’ to be admitted into federal unity college while his counterparts in a southern state like Anambra must score 139 and above to be admitted into the same federal unity college in the same country.

This is not even the problem. The irony here is that the semi-literate president Buhari who hails from this educationally backward region and is yet to prove he finished secondary school now want us to believe that his people from this same educationally backward region are better equipped academically to handle govt jobs and appointments than those from the region whose cut off mark is 139.

Meanwhile, when this clannish vindictive hate-filled president was looking for brilliant lawyers to help him convince a judge that he has a certificate, he didn’t go for quota system lawyers from the North ooo. He hired southern lawyers.

The biggest tragedy here is that some of these southern slaves who are oblivious of their slave status are the same people pushing the silly narrative that people from the president’s region who have to score just ‘2’ to gain admission into thesame unity college they themselves have to score above ‘100’ to be admitted into, are now more competent to handle govt jobs.

“Even if Buhari fill all his appointment with only people from his village, I don’t care!, all I want is result”

This is the popular line of argument used by these brain-sick imbeciles. What these morons mean is that in the whole of their southern region with all their education, there is no single person who can deliver result. In their slavish mind, they believe only those from their slave masters region are capable of achieving result.

Meanwhile, some of those idiots are PhD holders ooo while the president whose poo-poo hole they’ve sworn never to remove their head from does not even have an ordinary WAEC result.

Indeed, the worst form of slavery is that where the slaves do not even know they are slaves. Rescuing such a people is one of the most difficult task on earth because first, you have to spend reasonable percent of your time and resources convincing them about their true status and because of this thing called ‘stolkome syndrome’, your effort is very likely to be met with stiff resistance.

This, here, is the challenge we currently face with these large number of unthinking horde of southern idiots masquerading as Buhari supporters”


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