DStv suspends six pro-gay children programmes

MultiChoice says it has dropped six pro-gay children programmes that have been airing on three DSTV channels following complaints by subscribers about their content.

The programmes are Loud House, the Legend of Korra, Hey Arnold, Steven Universe, Adventure Time and Clarence.

They were airing on Nickelodeon, Nicktoons and Cartoon Network.

Ugandan Radio Network reports that Tina Wamala, public relations and communications manager of DSTV Uganda, said the suspension of the programmes will affect viewers across Africa.

The suspension was as a result of Kenya Film Classification Board’s ban of the programmes from being broadcast in the country after subscribers complained that they were not fit for young viewers.

Wamala said the suspension will be in place until Turner Broadcasting System provides a solution to the complaints.

“Uganda falls under the same region as Kenya. Our channel, mainly Nickelodeon that you are alluding to, has acknowledged the complaints through out the continent and looked at the different options they can implore and decided to suspend the shows in question – not just in Kenya but throughout Africa”, she said.

In 2014, cartoon creators of Legend of Korra, Bryan Konietzko and Mike DiMartino, admitted that the animation series contained lesbian characters.


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