Why I Am Scared Of Mother In Laws Part 2: By Joy Eneghalu

I hope you are picking lessons from this story. I also learnt from some insightful comments. The reason I am sharing this stories will come later. This story isn’t a continuation but another experience I had.

So, I and bobo were doing great and fine. I noticed that he didn’t joke with his mum but who does? He answered to her beck and call even when were supposed to have some time together. I didn’t mind. A good number of us will go the extra mile for our mums.

But then, my attention was drawn to something.

Bobo told me one day that if he was to get married to me, that I will have to change all my clothes to skirts and gowns (I wore trouser a lot as a student). My reply was ‘No problem. As long as you will pay for everything’.

I wasn’t quick to meet his mum because I was already scared. Breathing in and out could be a problem this time.

One day, he asked me to meet him in his mother’s shop. He also asked me to wear skirt when I was coming. I did.

When I got to the shop, we had to stay in the extension. I also met his friend there. So, three of us sat in there. In my craziness, I sat on one chair and rested my legs on another. I was in that position when his mum walked out of the other shop and came to where we were.

Apparently, she came to see what was happening in there. I wonder what would have been happening. The look she gave me was enough for me to receieve sense and sit appropriately.

He introduced me to his mum as his friend and I greeted her. Her response was “Well done”.

Okay. Another drama isn’t about to happen.

My bobo later opened up to me that his friend was there as a cover up. He didn’t want his mum to know I was his girlfriend. At that moment, she thought I was a friend to his friend.

In a way, I was okay with that.

But later happenings pointed to the fact that bobo’s mum had a hold on him. Whatever his mum wanted was what his woman will do.

I had to use my tongue to count my teeth.

I am not sharing this story because I just want to tell stories but to open our eyes to alot of things. The young lady that motivated this, I hope you learn too.

Love is beautiful but it is safer when you do it with your head. Jacqueline Oludimu said as a woman of purpose, you cannot afford to get it (marriage) wrong.

If your boyfriend’s mum doesn’t like you and has a hold on him a lot, you may want to give your relationship a thought. The dream is to marry a man and not a boy. A man that can defend you.

Our mothers are beautiful people but some of their approach to certain things may not work. If bobo is quick to accept everything mummy says, then there might be a problem.

When you become a wife, I doubt you will have a say in important discussions about your family because mummy has the final say.

Her Story:

We have relationship experts in the house. They can do justice to this better. The issue here is that her (the lady in question) boyfriend listens to everything his mother says. The mother recently told him to get a girlfriend from their home town and her bobo is actually considering it. His excuse: he doesn’t want to piss his mum off.


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