A certain Tinubu had his agent Osibanjo who’s a law professor. Tinubu’s dream was to wrest power away from the SS region owing to a notion that when Jonathan was C-in-C he ignored the west. The mission then was spelt out – Get power away from South to the West through the North.

To actualize this mission Tinubu sent for Agent Osibanjo. Agent Osibanjo had a powerful criteria in his favour. He was a pastor in one of the largest churches in Africa with membership in their millions. A choice of Osibanjo was perfect because it was going to cut through the votes of Christians in Nigeria and by implication sentiments cutting across other Christian denominations. Recall there had earlier been a unity vote by all Christians across the country for Jonathan.

With Agent Osibanjo selected for the mission, the next step was to use the western media to vigorously paint the Jonathan administration as inept and clueless. The media was also going to hype the sensation of massive looting by the Jonathan administration to the point that the Nigerian populace would think that they are being deprived of a better life due to politicians lining their pockets with the nations wealth. To this end, the west media will campaign vigorously that Nigeria needs “Change” or was it “Chanji Dole”?

Next step was to get a potent politician with a potent brand name and goodwill to vie for the Presidency. A tall lanky and sickly Buhari fitted the profile. The idea of a Buhari’s choice was precipitated on the projection that a fragile rickety looking “Sai Baba” will not last out the tenure of four years and consequently paving way for a “President Osibanjo”.

Now, the whole mission has worked successfully to this point where Buhari can’t live out his tenure. But there is now a hitch towards getting full power. The north is reeling out its own gameplay as well.

While in theory Tinubu thought he was using the north to get power, he didn’t know in fact the north was using him to get power back to the caliphate north. It was a case of “sense pass sense”.

When the innocuously looking Buhari whom the media had help built a false profile of integrity, strict, prudent, and other forms of noteworthy persona around him assumed power, little did Tinubu know that Buhari and the caliphate north already had read his gameplay and the north too had designed their own counter gameplay to make Tinubu look stupid.

With the little time Buhari knew he had in power his ace move was to weave the north so tightly into the mainstream of Nigeria’s political framework such that in the future it will be difficult to wrest power again from the core Islamic north. And how the Buhari achieved that?

1. Transfer all Nigeria’s weaponry to the north in the guise of fighting Boko Haram. This way if there is a civil war the north will be equipped with a superior military might over other region.

2. Sack all top ranking military officers of Christian and South extraction. That way Nigeria will have a fully islamically influenced military suitable for the control of the caliphate.

3. Reestablished Nigeria’s membership into OIC to present Nigeria as an Islamic state.

4. Ensure that all security apparatuses of the country are manned and controlled by Muslims of northern extraction. This way government can do anything and the security instruments of the country will turn a blind eye.

5. Create a militia force that will be independent of but aided by the conventional security apparatus of the country that will claim lands for the caliphate. This militia today is called the herdsmen.

6. Ensure that the country’s electoral system is headed by Muslim faithfuls that will skew results in favour of the caliphate.

Osibanjo’s mission now is to collect power from the north that Buhari has aided to fortify strongly in Nigeria’s political stratosphere.





Written by – Magnus Oraka and shared by

Jocelyn Johiah

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