Uche Jombo ‘takes family off social media’ as crisis rumours trail her marriage

Nollywood actress Uche Jombo has announced that she will stop sharing pictures of her family on social media until further notice.

The actress made the announcement on Tuesday in the wake of speculations that there may be a crisis in her marriage.

The speculations were prompted by her removal of ‘Rodriguez’ – her husband’s name – from her social media bio.

Also, eyebrows were raised when the actress, in celebrity tradition, failed to put up a post on Instagram to commemorate her fifth wedding anniversary on May 16.

As the speculations were starting to gain momentum, the actress issued a disclaimer to note that she had been gradually “taking her family off social media” for some time.

She urged her fans to respect her decision while calling for an end to the “evil insinuations” about her marriage.

“Good morning ujlovers. … Been on it for a while through my posts but officially taking my family off social media from today..please respect that! Thanks for understanding💖 stop with the evil insinuations,” Jombo wrote.

The actress and Puerto Rican husband, Kenney Rodriguez, got married in May 2012.

The couple has a son.

Rodriguez is based in the United States.


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