On TUESDAY 13, 9.49 AM, a terrible accident took the life of a keke driver opposite the OCDA office along Port Harcourt road, Owerri. The accident happened between the men from Entraco, BUA CEMENT TRAILER, XTERRA JEEP AND THE KEKE MAN that died by name Mr. OGECHI OHANEKWU from Ugbele Akah Njaba LGA Imo State. The Sienna of Entraco pursued the BUA Cement trailer from Control Post and doubled crossed the Trailer man who later left his lane and final hit the Xterra Jeep before finally crushing the innocent Keke man who was on his own lane before he met his untimely death.

We recall that this is not the first time lives were lost and people maimed in accidents caused by the activities of these government employed, ruthless, illiterate thugs.

How can a democratic government employ the services of such caliber of people to control motorists? Were they trained in any way?

These people use their mandate to commit all sorts of crimes. They steal from people’s vehicles, tamper with vehicle parts and even lie against motorists since there are no street cameras. Who can challenge them? Who can stand up against them ? Who is their next victim?

A call is hereby made for Imolites to rise up against this group and the laws that support them. People should unite together and carry out a peaceful demonstration to end this foolishness where ruthless illiterates control motorists. While some motorists are yielding and calm some are sick, tensed, amateur, or criminals who may not be easily controlled.

The Federal Road Safety Commission should rise against this because its a slap in their face. Let’s rise today and together bring an end to ENTRACO thugs.

Kindly share this message to get the attention of the state and federal government and the road safety authority. Enough is enough.

~ Ogechi Ukaegbulam


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