“Aforan”, in Yoruba mystical and magical parlance, means that thing that makes a sin/offence to be forgotten. It is believed that if a man defrauds government or his company, if he uses “aforan”, those after him will ‘naturally’ forget about the case. They may not even remember he ever worked in that place before.

Those who did “aforan” for Buhari and his handlers since he left the country over a month now did a good job. Only that they did not add my name to those they want the “aforan” to work on. Reason: I have not forgotten that we once had a president called Mohammadu Buhari. Almost every office I go, especially public ones and hotels, I see his portrait. But I don’t hear from him again nor even know where he is. Yet, he is supposed to be my president and looking after me.

I think Nigerians are being insulted and these charlatans are taking us for a ride. To them, we can swallow even their waste since they have an obviously depleting army of bootlickers, both at home and abroad, who will always justify any nonsense!

But come to think of it. This man was bundled out of the country (at least, that’s what they told us) and since then, no word, no update and no information. Because one intellectually-lost Minister of information arrogantly told us that there won’t be update on the president’s health and so all of us fell into line like some school children caught stealing oranges in the headmaster’s orchard. I won’t fall into that stupid line.


We do. But not the kind of update a certain Aisha Buhari gave us recently. Here was a woman who lost her voice when she raised alarm on how a cabal had hijacked her hubby. Only to, first, tell us that her hubby’s infirmities were not as bad as they made them look and later, that he was recovering and would soon join us! This time, no even photo ops as they did last time.

And I pray: let no any low mind come here and be puking that we have a vice-president (or is it a coordinator?) in place and government is going. Hence, we should move on.

If we do, some morons won’t be campaigning for second time for a man that is bed-ridden. A certain Hon. Lasun (I think from Osun) won’t have the temerity to tell a House gathering that there is no vacancy in 2019 in Aso Rock. They take us as fools who will swallow just anything. The way they sold us nonsense in 2015 promising heaven and earth to the extent that even people you expected to interrogate these salesmen got so sucked into the fake change mantra. It is a shame that many of them are recanting.

To Buhari, his handlers and his giddy but emotionally weary supporters, your “aforan” has not worked on me. As far as I know, Nigeria has no president. But if you think we do, let those who can die for him produce him.


by Samuel Ajayi


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